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Science programme

Meeting Timetable

Focus Topic
Lipids, Rafts and Traffic

Biochemical Society Annual Symposium: 'Lipids, Rafts and Traffic':
Lipid Rafts in Neuronal Function
Cell Trafficking, Protein 'out'
Cell Trafficking, Protein 'in'
Lipid Biophysics (and Lipid-Protein) at the Molecular Level
Mini Symposia:
Translocation Across the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Membrane and Protein Folding in the Lumen of the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Cellular Motors
Molecular Control of Immune Synapses
m-RNA and Protein Synthesis Localization
Focus Topic
Signalling Outwards and Inwards

Mini Symposia:
PI 3-kinase in the Immune System
b-Catenin/Wnt Signalling
Insulin Signalling
Integrins, Structure and Function
Regulators of GPCR Specificity and GPCR Dimerization
GSK-3b in Neuronal Function
Complexity of Adhesion Contacts
Focus Topic
Structure Related to Function: Molecules and Cells

Mini Symposia:
Ubiquitination (Structural Aspects)
Ribosomes and Chaperones (Structure)
Dynamic Imaging Techniques
Proteomics of Macromolecular Complexes
Signalling Lipid-Protein Interactions (Structural)
Observing Single Molecules
Structure of Membrane Proteins
Cell Trafficking at the Structural (Atomic) Level

Focus Topic
Genes: Regulation, Processing and Interference

Mini Symposia:
Chromatin and Gene Regulation
Nuclear RNA Splicing and Processing
Transcription Regulation in Development and Signalling
RNAi, How it Works, and its Use as a Technology
DNA Repair and Checkpoints
Cell Cycle Control
Focus Topic
Energy: Generation and Information

Mini Symposia:
Nutrient Interaction with Gene Expression
Redox and Transfer of Information
Control and Sensing of Metabolism
Focus Topic
Ethics, Education and Employment

Mini Symposia:
Bioethics and Finance: Who Calls the Tune?
Ethics and Intellectual Property

Focus Topic
Research Colloquia

Mini Symposia:
GPCR Signalling and Regulation - sponsored by Pfizer
Research Colloquium Lipidomics in Health and Disease: New Technologies in Lipid Analysis
Research Colloquium Mitochondria in Health and Disease
Research Colloquium Mechanisms of Gene Regulation
Research Colloquium Control of Cell Motility
Research Colloquium Proteins Acting at or in Membranes: Structure and Function Update

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